Freedo compatibility list.

Now integrated with the original JesterDev Compatibility list.

"Over 80 3DO games tested."

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[Most wanted]

Latest updates:

Policenauts by Konami. (Works fine!)

Previous inclusions:

More pictures for the Need for Speed,

Added: Novastorm, Real Pinball, Iron Angel.

The Horde. Mad Dog McCree. Mad Dog II. Bust-a-move. Shanghai: Triple threat. Psychic Detective. Wolfenstien 3D. Space Pirates.

A new dawn, for an old console.


All testing was done using the following configuration:

  • Microsoft Windows XP SP1.

  • 512Mb RAM.

  • AMD 1900+ Processor.

  • NVidia nForce sound chipset.

  • Freedo 1.6.2. (Beta)

Machines of a different specification may experience different results when using the Freedo emulator.