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April 16th 2004.

Updated all pages, with a new format. Added several more games

April 4th 2004.

Added 20th century video almanac (5 Stars), Space ace demo, seemed to run fine. (From demo disk only). Pretty sailor moon (4 stars) Pataank (5 stars) Incredible Machine (5 Stars)

April 2nd 2004.

Added Striker.

Waiting for:

Dragons Lair, Megarace, The incredible machine, Sailor Moon, Pataank.

April 1st  2004.


Killing time (3 Stars), Daedalus encounter (5 Stars) and Primal rage (3 Stars)

March 30th  2004.

Games coming soon to the compatibility list.

Striker, The Daedalus Encounter, Power Kingdoms, Primal Rage and Pataank plus more...

March 28th  2004.

Found a source for rare 3DO games at good prices. (Shhh) more soon!!

March 27th  2004.

Re-checked Shockwave and Shockwave Operation Jumpgate Addon disk and then up-rated the emulation score to 3 Stars reflecting a flawed but playable score and 4 Stars meaning "Near perfect" emulation. (Respectfully)

Amended comments on Ballz and up-rated it from 1 Star meaning "Didn't run", to 2 Stars reflecting that it was "Very flawed" under emulation.

Updated review on 'D' to 5 Stars reflecting a Perfect Emulation.

Gex and PO'ed were also up rated to perfect and almost perfect accordingly.

Big thanks to Jaylav on the Freedo forum for showing me the errors I had made.

March 25th 2004

Added: VR Stalker (K-Z) and Another World (A-J) both of which scored 5 stars for perfect emulation under Freedo ver. 1.6.2!!